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The Wrong MR was Being Played During a Live Broadcast and This was How the BTOB`s Members Reacted


/  7 May, 2018

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The MR played was not what they expected. 

BTOB performed on 'Simply Kpop' with 'Someday' but the stage was faced with a little problem. Eunkwang was supposed to sing after Changsub's start but the MR played the version with Ilhoon's rap that followed right after Changsub. 

Eunkwang could already be seen holding his mic up, ready to sing, only to have heard the Ilhoon's rap coming on before putting down his mic again with a flustered expression that could be seen through the close up shot on the camera.

Image Source: Youtube '비투비..괜찮아여..?' Screenshot

Not only Eunkwang, the other members could be seen looking around too, looking confused as well. A rerecording was done to this stage and the correct version was the one being broadcasted.

Watch the moment in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 비투비..괜찮아여..? 

Thumbnail Credit: 11월의햇살, hyunsik_time

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