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There are Secrets about Gong Yoo`s Everlasting Fit Physical... Here They are


| 18 May, 2018

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Gong Yoo has his own way to stay fit.

Even though the actor is almost 40, no one can deny that he has indeed the body of a man in his 20s. Gong Yoo always looks fit with his proportional physical which can make everyone fall in love with him in an instant. In fact, his perfect physical does not come without effort; Gong Yoo personally maintains his body through "rituals" which have now been revealed.

As revealed in the CEO of SOOP Management, Kim Jangkyun's Instagram post, the actor routinely hits the gym even during his breaks. The actor works out with weight-lifting, or he simply does cardio in the health center. Alongside the work out, Gong Yoo has been also revealed not to drink alcohol. Although alcohol drink is a part of Korean culture, Gong Yoo has given up to drink it for the sake of his body and health. He also avoids fried food.

It seems like Gong Yoo knows the best how to take care of his shape and health.

Source: [Youtube] 엘르elle & [Instagram] soop_boss

Thumbnail Credit: @star1, Instagram '@soop_boss'

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