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There is One Definite Reason Why TWICE`s [TT] is Deemed Inappropriate for Broadcast in the Philippines


| 12 Dec, 2018

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'TT' cannot be aired in the Philippines.

It turned out that 'TT' means 'something else' in the country. On the December 11th episode of MBC Every1's 'Video Star,' Ryan Bang, a famous South Korean TV personality in the Philippines, said, "'TT' is not appropriate for broadcast in the Philippines." He then explained that the word 'TT' itself has a different meaning in Filipino. 

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Image Source: MBCevery1

He explained,  "In Filipino, 'TT' tends to mean male private part. It's especially more embarrassing because there's a part in the choreography where they point down there." When MC Park Narae asked whether the song really implies it, Lia Kim said, "No, it was created based on the crying emoticon." 

Ryan Bang added, "I think people in the country easily misunderstand it because they don't use the crying emoticon in the Philippines."

Source: [Youtube] jypentertainment

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