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These 5 Actresses were Miss Korea Winners and They Proved That They Have What It Takes to Own That Title Till Now


| 13 Jul, 2018

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These 5 Miss Korea winners are able to claim their title just any day.

With there being various ways for one to start their career in the entertainment industry, these 5 actresses started theirs through a beauty pageant. Not only were they just contestants, but actual winners too. 

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Despite it being years ago since they won the beauty pageant, the visual they were able to maintain to this day proved how they truly claimed the title. 

1. Kim Sungryung (Miss Korea 1988)

Image Source: W Korea

2. Kim Sarang (Miss Korea 2000)

Image Source: Marie Claire

3. Lee Boyoung (Miss Korea Daejeon 2000)

Image Source: Luxury

4. Park Siyeon (Miss Korea Gangwon 2000)

Image Source: Pinterest

5. Lee Hanui (Miss Korea 2006) 

Image Source: Pinterest

Source: [Youtube] 마루모모랑

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