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These 6 Male Stars Currently Serving the Military Who Makes Waiting Feels Like Forever


| 10 Oct, 2018

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Their fans are definitely being tortured as they wait for the discharges. 

Not a secret, oftentimes, mandatory military service is a bitter story for fans since they have to wait approximately 18 months for their favourites once they are enlisted. Yes, 18 months is definitely not a short time, and these particular 6 male stars make waiting does indeed feel like forever. You can check out who they are below.

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1. Joo Won (enlisted in May, 2017)

Image Source: coffee.hyang.e

2. Im Siwan (enlisted in July, 2017)


3. Ji Changwook (enlisted in August, 2017)

Image Source: Insight

4. Kang Haneul (enlisted in September, 2017)

Image Source: Instiz

5. Ok Taecyeon (enlisted in September, 2017)

Image Source: busannuya

6. Kim Soohyun (enlisted in October, 2017)

Image Source: Instiz

Source: [Youtube] stardailynews

Thumbnail Credit: BAQUE, Instiz

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