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These 6 Stars Have One Common Way to Keep Their Body in Shape, You Have to Know What It is


| 11 Jan

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They have one secret for their lean body. 

Oftentimes, celebrities need to maintain their weight to keep their lean body. There are a lot of ways can be done as a means to keep fit, from diet plans to workouts. These six celebrities, though, have one key secret not to gain weight: avoiding instant food. Yes, as long as it's not an emergency situation, these celebrities refuse to eat instant food, including instant noodle, frozen food, convenient-store lunchbox, and more.  

Instant food might be tasty and affordable but, in returns, very few of them are healthy. Almost all of them are high in carbohydrate and natrium, while low in vitamins and protein. On top of that, instant food often uses preservatives to make it lasts longer. 

Check out which celebrities who avoid instant food to keep their body lean and healthy!

1. EXO's D.O 

Image Source: 한국스포츠경제

2. Yoo Yeonseok


3. Kim Jongkook 

Image Source: JTBC

4. Moon Gabi

Image Source: 서울경제

5. Soyou

Image Source: @star1

6. Im Soojeong

Image Source: BAZAAR

Source: [Youtube] 밴쯔

Thumbnail Credit: iMBC, 환경일보

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