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These 7 Korean Celebrities Have the Most Unique Certifications... That will Make You Raise Your Eyebrow


| 10 Aug, 2018

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They have the certification not many people even know they exist. 

Earning certifications is indeed a trend in South Korea. Not only pursuing formal education in school and university, almost all have at least one certification, to assure qualification to perform a job or task. The trend has been started since the unemployment rate increased and getting a job got tougher from day to day. People tend to add their value through certifications. There is a wide variety of certification in South Korea, from the common ones, such as accounting, cooking, marketing, to the rare ones, like what these 7 celebrities have. 

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1. FTISLAND's Choi Minhwan - Chimmelier (experts in chicken menus)

Image Source: Instiz

2. Girl's Day's Minah - Excavator Driving License

Image Source: SBS

3. Lee Seojin - Speedboat Driving License

Image Source: tvN

4. Seo Yeji - Sex Education Certification

Image Source: TV REPORT

5. MAMAMOO's Solar - Certification of Therapy through Recreation and Smile


6. Actors Lee Soonjae and Kim Sangjoong - Insurance Planning Certification

Image Source: Insight

Source: [Youtube] YTN NEWS

Thumbnail Credit: The Qoo, Instiz, 오마이뉴스
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