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Things You Cannot Miss about FTISLAND Minhwan and Yulhee`s Upcoming Marriage


|  5 Jan, 2018

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FTISLAND's Minhwan and LABOUM's former member Yulhee has announced their marriage. 

On January 4th, reports said that Yulhee is currently pregnant, and Minhwan shortly confirmed it. The two has been reported dating back in 2017 and news reports say that Minhwan and Yulhee have been preparing for their wedding since then.

While Yulhee former agency, Global H Media, said that they have no idea about the pregnancy and the marriage plan, Minhwan's agency, FNC Entertainment, has released official statement regarding the happy news. They said, "The couple has decided to marry this year. We will announce further details once they’ve been decided. Choi Minhwan wanted to share the news to his fans first, so he posted it on his social media. He also revealed that he will continue on as a member of FTISLAND and through music as always. We hope you’ll congratulate and support Choi Minhwan and Kim Yulhee."

Minhwan has uploaded length message about the marriage on his Instagram. The message he left for fans is transtaled such as follows. 

"Hello, It's Choi Minhwan. To all my Pri(madonnas). I'm writing this post because there's something I wanted to say officially to all of you, in public.

I'm not sure how you guys will react to what I'm about to say. I've worried about this for a long time, but I decided to say what I have to say. I want to publicly show everyone the trust in the relationship between my girlfriend and me.

Marriage is a big decision in my life that I invest a lot of thought into. I felt a lot of happiness in the congratulatory messages when I announced the news. I also realized how many people I have to be thankful for.

Before debuting and until now. My members have stood beside me, giving me strength. My members are like family. When I told them the news, they congratulated me. They genuinely congratulated me. We formed a new relationship between us that will go towards the future together.

I don't know how I can thank everyone but I just want to say thank you once more to everyone, for congratulating me and for loving me. For everyone who's stood with me in this long journey of 10 years, for everyone who's given me strength until now. Thank you so much, I will never forget these honest feelings of support and love.

I will do my best to return this love with music. Thank you so much."

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Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이) & [Instagram] minhwan12

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