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This `Ahjussi` is Turning 40 This Year But Has Visuals That Screams Only `Oppa`


|  2 Feb, 2018

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'Ahjussi' and Gong Yoo don't belong in the same sentence. 

Born in 1979, Gong Yoo turns 40 this year according to the Korean age system. We may be used to his calling of 'Ahjussi,' in the hit drama, 'Goblin,' but he is definitely nowhere near that title. Especially, not with that set of visuals. 

We are talking about these visuals.

Image Source: Insight

Image Source: Gong Yoo Tieba

Gracing the February issue of magazine 'Harper Bazaar China,' Gong Yoo being top-notch as ever!

The actor hasn’t been involved in any productions after the ending of 'Goblin' but are we able to take on another plunge of feels with his visual so soon after? Calm our hearts as we look forward to his next production! 

Source: [Youtube] KR POP
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