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This Actor Confessed That His First Love is None Other Than Park Boyoung


| 16 Oct, 2018

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He believes that Park Boyoung is his first love. 

The actor is none other than former child actor Wang Sukhyun. He once played as the son of Park Boyoung in film 'Scandal Maker.' Back then, Wang Sukhyun was only 6 years old but he successfully delivered his character and showed a great chemistry with Park Boyoung. In a recent interview, Wang Sukhyun confessed that the actress is his first love. 

Image Source: 위키백과사전

He said, "I was too young at that time but I remember that I liked Boyoung mom a lot. She is my first love and I think she is the prettiest." The actor then also revealed that Park Boyoung told her that he used to say that he'd marry her. He explained, "She told me that I used to say that I'd marry her. She also told me that I asked her to go eat curry all the time, so, before we said goodbye, she promised me to go to a curry place when filming ended."

Source: [Youtube] TongTongTv 통통영상

Thumbnail Credit: STARNEWS, 한겨레

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