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This Actor Used to Be a Villain, His New Character will Make Your Heart Weak


| 19 Jun, 2018

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Lee Jihoon has been confirmed for a dreamy perfect K-drama character.

The actor will play the role of Kwon Jinkook in KBS' upcoming Wednesday-Thursday drama 'Your House Helper.' Kwon Jinkook is a lawyer who is both skilled and rich. However, he lacks experience when it comes to dating. According to a representative of the drama, Lee Jihoon will show his gentle side through the character. 

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Image Source: KBS

For some who are not so familiar with the actor, let us remind you of who Lee Jihoon really is. His most notable drama is 'The Legend of the Blue Sea,' in which he played as Heo Chihyun. He played as Joonjae (played by Lee Minho)'s stepbrother. He turned against Joonjae due to his unrequited love for his stepfather.

Image Source: SBS

Well, you might hate him much back then but it seems like his character in 'Your House Helper' will make you love him at all cost! 'Your House Helper' will start airing on July 4th. 

Source: [Youtube] KBS 한국방송 (MyloveKBS)

Thumbnail Credit: SBS PD Note, KBS

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