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This Fan is Dying to Go to Wanna One`s Sign Event, Spent USD 8,000... She Failed


/  8 Jun, 2018

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It's not an easy thing for fans of Wanna One to go to their fan signing event, and this fansite master is the living proof. 

Just like usual, fans who buy one Wanna One's latest album, 'UNDIVIDED,' receive one coupon for the fan sign event. The collected coupons will then be randomly chosen to pick lucky fans and invite them to the fan sign event. This fan has spent a total of KRW 8,572,400 (approximately USD 8,000) in hope that she can be picked for the event.

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Image Source: Instagram '@beautifulway.mh'

Unfortunately, although the fan has spent a huge amount of money, she was failed to realize her dream. She said that she has bought a total of 544 albums -- 54 pieces of 'Lean on Me' version, 74 pieces of 'Art Book' version, 64 pieces of 'The Heal' version, 94 pieces of 'No. 1' version, 114 pieces of 'Triple Position' version, and 154 pieces of 'Wanna One' version.

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment 

Thumbnail Credit: Instagram '@beautifulway.mh,' Instiz

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