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This Fanboy is a Huge Fans of SF9`s Rowoon, He Confessed Love, and Asked Rowoon to Marry Him


| 17 Mar, 2018

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SF9 Rowoon's charms hypnotize not only girls but also boys.

It's not a secret that Rowoon is just simply a complete package as an entertainer -- skills and visuals, singing to acting. He is so captivating even for this fanboy, that he confessed his love and bravely asked Rowoon to marry him. It's all happened while the boys were preparing for their stage on 'Music Bank.' While posing for the cameras, fanboys shouted, "Ah, Rowoon! Rowoon hyung! Today too, our Seokwoo (Rowoon's real name) is handsome! You are so sexy." Among them, one even said, "Seokwoo, marry me!"

Image Source: Youtube 'nine fantasy' Screenshot

Image Source: FNC Entertainment

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Source: [Youtube] nine fantasy, FNCEnt

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