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This Female Idol Gifted Each of Her Fan a Set of $100 Worthed Gift as a Gesture of Gratitude


| 15 Jun, 2018

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She shows her gratitude to her dear fans that waited for her.

Yunbi recently made her debut as a solo artist and promoted on various music shows with her debut track, ‘Lady.’

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A pre-recording took place for her ‘Inkigayo’ stage and around 70 fans waited out to support her at the recording. Due to various reason, Yubin’s solo debut had experienced its delay before it actually happened. To thank her fans that waited despite so, Yubi gifted her fans a set of makeup products that were all at a jaw-dropping price with each set coming up to a worth of approximately 100,000won.

Image Source: insight

Watch Yubin’s dazzling stage in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] SBS Inkigayo

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