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This Idol Bulks up His Body... Now Fans are Not Sure How to Handle Him


|  2 Jul, 2018

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He has worked hard to build his muscles. 

Yes, as some of you might have guessed, he is MONSTA X's Wonho. Recently, the idol has updated fans with photos showing his current figure. In the photos, Wonho shows off his bulked-up body which he got from hitting the gym routinely. Along with the photos, Wonho wrote, "Your body is better than my life. by MONBEBE."

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Image Source: Twitter '@OfficialMonstaX'

Fans have known that Wonho routinely hits the gym to train his body. However, many of the fans still cannot believe how much his body has changed. Wonho now looks more appealing with his masculine image, just perfect with all those muscles. To remind you, here we have attached several photos of smol Wonho in the past. 

Image Source: As tagged

Source: [Youtube] M2

Thumbnail Credit: My Spring, Twitter '@OfficialMonstaX'

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