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This Idol Confessed How He Suffers at the Gym All Because of Kim Jongkook


|  1 Jun, 2018

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It's definitely not an easy thing for anyone to work out together with Kim Jongkook -- Block B's Taeil is not an exception.  

During the May 30th press conference of Mnet's 'The Call,' the idol revealed that he had such a hard time when he hit the gym with Kim Jongkook. It was all started when Kim Jongkook explained, "I told him to talk about things at the gym." Taeil then honestly revealed, "I thought I might die at the gym." 

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Image Source: Insight

It's not only Block B's Taeil but Wanna One's Hwang Minhyun and Ha Seongwoon have been also the "victim" of Kim Jongkook intense training. It happened when the two idols bumped into Kim Jongkook at the gym.

You can check out the video above to see more.

Source: [Youtube] 민심

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