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This Korean Fangirl Likes K-Pop So Much... She is a Fan of More Than 50 Different Male Idols


| 14 Sep, 2018

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She is the living example of how K-pop might harm your social life and relationship with the others. 

During an episode of KBS' 'Hello Counselor,' one girl has shared her worry about her sister who is a fan of various idol groups. According to her sister, who also came to the show, the girl is an avid fan of EXO, BTS, Wanna One, ASTRO, SEVENTEEN, BTOB, PENTAGON, as well as model-turned-idol Kwon Hyunbin. 

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The girl revealed that her sister averagely spends USD200 to USD300 in a month to buy albums, merchandises, and other things related to her favorites. She revealed that her sister would lie to her parents to get an allowance for merchandise.

Not only that, she has become very sensitive because of her idols. Her mother revealed, "she would skip meals, sleep, and baths to stay in her room and look only into her idols." Her mother revealed that she wouldn't listen and she even stopped going to school.

However, later on, the girl revealed that she has reasons for that. She revealed that she doesn't have any other option rather than fangirling because she was all alone in her school. She said, "I was ostracized in school. They don't want me on their team during gym class, they make it obvious they hate me. They just don't like me."

Her sisters and mom eventually apologized to her for not giving the attention she was looking for. The girl also promised to try to be more social in future.

Watch the video above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] KBS World TV

Thumbnail Credit: scmp.com, Twitter '@ricewithpeach'

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