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This Member of Popular Girl Group Revealed a Shocking Story of Her Diet, Losing 8 Kg for Comeback


| 25 May, 2018

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She revealed how she lost 8 kgs for her comeback. 

On the May 24th episode of K Star's 'Gourmet Road 4,' OH MY GIRL's Seunghee and Jiho came as the guests on the show. After eating quite a lot on the food show, MC Kim Shinyoung asked the girls, "Don't OH MY GIRL members worry about weight for the comeback?"

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Image Source: Youtube '식신로드 4' Screenshot

To the question, Seunghee answered, "I lost 8kg before making our comeback with 'Coloring Book.' I ate only half a pear and a chicken breast the size of my hand each day." She continued, "I didn't eat any carbs."

Image Source: WM Entertainment

What are your thoughts about this, people? 

Source: [Youtube] 식신로드 4

Thumbnail Credit: unmilted.tistory.com, ARENA

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