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This Might Be the Last Stage of B1A4 Performed as a 5-Member Male Idol Group


/  5 Jul, 2018

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They performed together at one stage before delivering the shocking news of their two members' departure from the agency. 

As previously reported, Jinyoung and Baro, will not extend their contract with the agency as they choose to pursue another career path. There is no official statement that the group is disbanded but the fact that the two members are no longer be a part of WM Entertainment makes it almost impossible for B1A4 to perform on one stage together in future. 

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Image Source: Twitter '@Jaime19911118' 

B1A4 came to the '2018 Lotte Family Concert' on June 22nd, approximately one week before they announced the shocking news stating that Jinyoung and Baro have decided to leave the company. The boys performed several of their hits, including 'Baby Good Night,' 'What's Happening?,' 'Rollin,' and more. 

You can watch the complete stage of B1A4 at the '2018 Lotte Family Concert' above.

Source: [Youtube] Rock Music

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@TheGsdFh'

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