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This One Fan Made a Promise to WINNER... She Touched the Members` Heart Fulfilling It a Year Later


/ 28 Mar, 2018

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This one fan has successfully made WINNER members proud of her.

On March 24th, WINNER came at fashion brand 'Calvin Klein's fan signing event. Among hundreds of fans coming to the event, one fan has caught the boys' attention. It turned out that the fan has once met the members and she promised to meet them again after she got enrolled in the university. And she did it! She was revealed to have been enrolled in 'Seoul National University' -- to top university in South Korea.

Image Source: Youtube 'supershinstudio' Screenshot

Kang Seungyoon even gave a special shoutout to the girl. He said, "Today, we gave our autographs to 120 fans, right? Among that 120 fans, there is one fan from the last year's fansign who promised us that she would be enrolled in a university and come again with her university jacket. Today, she came with a jacket from Seoul National University. I'm glad that she can come to the fansign and she is amazing. I'm so proud of her." Seungyoon then concluded that all of he is proud of all his fans.

Watch the fancam above to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] supershinstudio

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