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This One Fan Managed to Get Special Polaroid of EXO`s D.O and Kai... Here`s What She Did


| 14 Feb, 2018

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This fangirl has proven that hard work never betrays.

On February 11th, EXO held their concert, 'EXO PLANET #4 – The EℓyXiOn,' in Taipei. Among thousands of fans coming to the venue, there is one fan lucky enough to get exclusive Polaroid photo of Kyungsoo and Kai. Through Twitter, she revealed the behind story how she could receive the polaroid photo. 

Image Source: Youtube 'she987536' Screenshot

It turned out that this Taiwanese fan put the Polaroid camera inside a fishnet. She offered it to Kyungsoo, and luckily, the idol took the camera. As soon as he took the camera, Kyungsoo asked Kai to take a selfie together, and after the photo came out from the camera, he put it back to the fishnet so that the fan can take it. How lucky!

Image Source: mmting_8182

Watch the video above to know more! 

Source: [Youtube] she987536

Thumbnail Credit: EVERLASTING 506, mmting_8182

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