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This One Particular Habit of Jungkook Might Be the Ultimate Reason Why His Hyungs Cannot Stop Loving Him


|  6 Dec, 2018

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Nope. You cannot ask for anything more adorable than this.

Jungkook, the golden maknae, has indeed been receiving much love from his fellow members -- and fans know it well. It might sound a bit off if one says the hyungs love him for his visual (well, yes it might be true but most probably it is not the case). So, we are looking deeper to Jungkook and... Voila! We have found one exact habit of him that becomes the real reason why his hyungs love him much: innocently copy them and things around him.

Image Source: As tagged, Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Not only copying his hyungs, but Jungkook also likes to copy things around him. 

Image Source: As tagged

Don't you think this Jungkook's habit is super adorable? 

Source: [Youtube] 태태's뭔들

Thumbnail Credit: MADE IN 1997, TEEN SPIRIT 

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