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This Rookie Idol`s Face is So Perfect, People Say He will Be the Next Visual God


| 11 Jun, 2018

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Here we have another visual God! 

He is no other than rookie idol Golden Child's Jaehyun. Jaehyun was born in on January 4th, 1999. Even though he is only 20 years old (19 years old, internationally), Jaehyun has amazed fans and non-fans with his visual. His adorable-yet-masculine image has driven anyone crazy and falls in love with him. Don't believe it? Well, you can see his photos below and you will know that we are not lying! 

Image Source: As Tagged

Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

Meanwhile, you can check out his fancam above!

Source: [Youtube] still horizon

Thumbnail Credit: Facebook '아이돌이슈,' RC-APPEAR 

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