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This TV Personality Looks Just Like Gong Yoo, More People Join the Bandwagon to Become a Fan of Him


|  7 Aug, 2018

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He has the Gong Yoo vibes, especially when he smiles. 

He is Kim Dokyun. You might be unfamiliar with him if you were not catching up with Channel A's dating variety show, 'Heart Signal 2.' On August 5th, Kim Dokyun took to his Instagram and shared four photos from his photo session with fashion magazine 'GRAZIA.' 

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In the photos, Kim Dokyun flaunts dandy looks, wearing beige knitwear, suit, chino pants, and more. Just as you might feel, when he smiles, you can see a bit of Gong Yoo in him. A lot of Netizens also agree with it as they left comments on the web such as "He is like the young version of Gong Yoo", "Not so much, but I can see Gong Yoo in his smile", "Well, he needs to get more attention from now on", and more. 

Do you find the resemblance between Kim Dokyun and Gong Yoo?

Source: [Youtube] 채널A Home & [Instagram] dkyunk

Thumbnail Credit: soop management, GRAZIA

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