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This was How Sooyoung Reacted When Fans Complimented That She Looks Pretty Even When She Cry


| 14 Feb, 2018

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Sooyoung shed some tears during her fan meeting and her fans thinks she is still pretty so. 

Sooyoung held her first fan meeting under her new company to spend time with her fans on her birthday that falls on February 10th. In a photo studio concept, Sooyoung shared precious times with her fans by going through talks of her memories on this day. Opening up to her fans, Sooyoung shed some tears when a fan shouted, "You are pretty even you cry too!" Immediately, Sooyoung replied, "I know" while wiping her tears with her sleeves.

Image Source: Youtube 'Jay' Screenshot 

Watch the moment at the 2:00 mark in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] Jay

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