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Three Years Passed, BIGBANG Seungri and EXO Sehun`s Chemistry has Gone Stronger Than Ever


/ 28 Apr, 2018

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Chemistry between these two maknaes is getting stronger day by day.

Some of you surely remember how Seungri made a move on Sehun back in 2015, during the 'Mnet Asian Music Awards.' At that time, BIGBANG performed 'Bae Bae' and Seungri went down from the stage and blended with the audience. Before going back to the stage, he sat down on Sehun's lap -- while singing the song!

Three years later, Seungri has once again shown his affection towards the EXO's maknae by sending a food truck to Sehun's drama filming set. In return, Sehun posed in front of the food truck, took a photo of it, and thanked Seungri through Instagram. Sehun wrote, "Maknae power, fighting!

Needless to say, fans are all delighted to see the two's close friendship. Several comments on the post read, "Powerful maknaes from the most powerful boy groups", "Best and powerful maknaes", "EXOBANG!!!" and more.

Source: [Youtube] xo dain & [Instagram] oohsehun

Thumbnail Credit: Dear, my spring

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