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Tiffany Revealed That She Avoid Signing with an Asian Agency for This One Reason in Her Recent Interview


| 11 Jul, 2018

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She knows how it is. 

Tiffany made her first release after returning to America with 'Over My Skin' that top charts worldwide and it's dance video, not even its music video yet, has been receiving lots of love too.

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In her recent interview with 'Paper Magazine,' Tiffany who signed with Paradigm Talent Agency for her career in America revealed that "I'm leaving the space of signing with an Asian talent agency. I know how strict the rules are, and I forever want to be a part of Girls' Generation. I wouldn't gamble that for anything."

In order to make sure that she has the freedom over the things she does and especially when it comes to returning back as a Girls' Generation member, she won't want to risk the possibility of getting complications when that happens. 

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As Tiffany says, "If you need me, I can come back anytime because I have the freedom" and "business is business — my girls are my girls. We are each other's."

You can read the full interview here. 

Source: [Youtube] YANIS MARSHALL

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