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Tiffany Surprised with a Fact Behind Her Handwritten Teaser for [Over My Skin]


|  4 Jul, 2018

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It's her normal writing speed.  

In the Instagram live she did on the very day of her release with 'Over My Skin,' Tiffany answered the question that everyone was curious about her teaser. 

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Tiffany's date teaser was done in the way she would write the release date, '6/28' on different parts of her body literally on her skin. Also, another lyrics teaser at the part where it goes 'woman woman woman woman woman' was done on a piece of paper with her writing it herself. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Tiffany Young Official' Screenshot

Not only fans but people would ask when the clip was being edited whether if it was fast-forwarded. Tiffany replied that "No, it's actually just me writing in normal speed. I just write really fast. I type really fast too. I talk really fast too. 

Watch the moment at the 24:10 mark in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] whyhahm

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