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TvN`s [The List] Picked Song Joongki as the Luckiest Fanboy in the World... Here`s Why


|  8 Mar, 2018

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Song Joongki has been chosen on tvN's 'The List' as the luckiest fanboy for this one reason.

During the March 5th airing of tvN's 'The List,' Song Joongki has topped the list of 'successful fanboy' made by the show. Song Joongki took the title as he successfully married to his idol, Song Hyekyo. Far before his debut as an actor, Song Joongki turned out to be a big fan of Song Hyekyo. Even, his old friend revealed that Song Joongki was indeed a fan of the actress in one interview."

Song Joongki's friend said, "I attended the same academy with Song Joongki and we were close. At that time, Song Joongki said that his ideal type is Song Hyekyo. I was so surprised when I heard that he would marry Song Hyekyo. Joongki is the real winner."

Supporting the actor friend's confession, after Song Joongki debuted as an actor, he once spotted taking a photo of a commercial poster which featured Song Hyekyo.

Source: [Youtube] tvN

Thumbnail Credit: Blossom Entertainment, BAIDUSONGJOONGKIBAR

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