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VIXX Members are Going to Show Various Aspects of Themselves Through Their Respective Activities This Year


| 24 Jul, 2018

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VIXX has started to implement 'Separately & Together' strategy in earnest this year.

Now among the members, Leo and Ravi are concentrating on their respective musical activities. Leo will also be releasing his first solo album 'Converse' on July 31st. The title song of his release will be called 'Touch & Sketch.'

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Image Source: JellyFish Entertainment

Ravi, which has recently released a mixtape, is preparing for his 'First Solo Europe Tour 2018' starting from the end of October to the mid-November. He will start his concert in Istanbul on October 27 in Madrid.

Image Source: Instagram @ravithecrackkidz

Also, the group's maknae, Hyuk has finished his fan meeting on July 5th, while Ken, Hongbin, and N were said to be filming a drama currently. To sum up, every member of VIXX is currently focusing on a variety of activities to show off their individuality.

Source: [Youtube] RealVIXX

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