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VIXX`s Ravi`s Besties Appeared in His Lyrics, Sealing Their Friendship For Life


| 24 Jan, 2018

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Ravi included names of his best buddies in his latest release. 

Ravi has recently released his 2nd mixtape title 'NIRVANA' with 7 tracks in total. Among them, one of the tracks titled, 'Ravi Da Loca,' caught attentions with one interesting part in its lyrics. 

Image Source: Melon

There's a part of his lyrics where it went, 

"I miss u

Jongin(EXO's Kai ) Taeminiee(SHINee), Moonkyu(HOTSHOT's Timoteo)...

I luv my fuckin' homies

we're fuckin' busy" 

Simple words that holds strong meaning and showed firm 'homie' friendship. Check out the song in the video above! 

Source: [Youtube] 제

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