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WINNER Got Really Touched with the Warm Gifts Filipino Inner Circles Prepared at Their Concert Stop in Manila


|  6 Dec, 2018

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WINNER shared the behind the scenes of their Manila stop for the concert tour.

In a recently uploaded clip, Inner Circles were able to follow through the backstage of WINNER's 'EVERYWHERE Tour in Manila' that took place on November 10th. The boys were seen excited to be in the country, to meet their fans in the Philippines after a while. 

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Seunghoon was heard screaming right from the moment he entered their waiting room to be greeted by beautiful blue boxes prepared for each member with their names on it respectively. Seunghoon was seen holding onto a 3D pen that was assumed to be a gift included in Mino's box and asked, "Woah! Isn't this a 3D pen? You said you really wanted to have it, didn't you? before Mino smiled like a little boy who is happy with his gift and went, "I really wanted to have this!" 

Image Source: Youtube 'WINNER Screenshot 

Mino gave out the gifts that were prepared for the team of WINNER staffs too before the boys took pictures in front of a board with messages written to them by local Inner Circles. 

Image Source: Youtube 'WINNER' Screenshot 

Watch the full vlog in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] WINNER 

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'WINNER' Screenshot, TAXOL

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