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WINNER`s Jinwoo is a Beauty That Turns into a Beast when He Drinks?


| 27 Jun, 2018

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Jinwoo is the 'Beauty and the Beast' himself.

On a radio show, Jinwoo was being asked if he becomes modest and quiet like how his visual presents when he drinks is true, the member replied that "It's false.'

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Seungyoon added that "Jinwoo hyung is far from being modest and quiet," while Seunghoon commented that "Jinwoo has two sides of him, the beauty and the beast. He turns into a beast if he drinks."

When being asked if he gets tough after drinking, the two younger ones agreed to it while Seunghoon added that "It gets really wild." On the other hand, Jinwoo explained that "I tend to talk more. (DJ: You don't talk a lot usually?) Yes, I don't really talk a lot."

Image Source: Youtube 'ᄋᄂᄉᄀ' Screenshot

Seunghoon also shared that "There was once he drank with YG and even had his arms around YG's shoulder," and added that "I have pictures to prove that. I was so shocked."

Source: [Youtube] 박롤롤

Thumbnail Credit: 내마음, 진우에게

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