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WINNER`s Jinwoo was Late into the Choreography on a Live Broadcast and This was How He Reacted


/  9 Jun, 2018

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Jinwoo made a mistake on a live broadcast.

WINNER promoted on various music broadcast with their latest release, 'Everyday' and it was during one particular stage on Inkigayo that Jinwoo could be seen smiling really brightly at one part.

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Jinwoo was singing his part at the pre-chorus before he stepped back a little where Seungyoon will step forward for his part. Jinwoo missed a beat into the choreography at that moment and was seen looking sideways, trying to match his moves to his members.

Image Source: Youtube 'Ammmy7VIP' Screenshot 

The moment he matched up, Jinwoo was smiling so brightly because of his mistake out of embarrassment which was caught exactly on camera by the camera filming them from the top.

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] 인쨔 인쨔

Thumbnail Credit: missing u so

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