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WINNER`s Mino Revealed to Real Reason How Why He has Recently Lost Much Weight


/ 12 Apr, 2018

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WINNER's Mino talked more about his drastic weight loss.

No one can deny that Mino's appearance in early 2018 has garnered much attention. He looks far skinnier than usual and revealed to lose at least 10 kg. On another interview, the idol said that he intentionally lost his weight because he wanted to show something different for the comeback.

In a recent airing of KBS COOLFM, he once again revealed more about his weight loss. He said that he lost much weight because he stopped drinking alcohol. He explained, "When you stop drinking alcohol, your weight will lose drastically." He continued, "However (because I stopped drinking), I rarely meet P.O. He is a type of a guy who is fun to be a beer-mate."

With his 10 kg weight loss, many fans think that Mino is currently the skinniest member in WINNER.

Source: [Youtube] KBS KONG

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