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WINNER`s Mino Stood up for Himself Through a Recent Stage Mentioning a Certain Media Through His Expression Instead of His Words


|  7 Jan

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Mino got hurt and now, he is putting it into words, or more specifically, with his expressions. 

WINNER's Mino performed at the recent 'Golden Disk Awards' that was held on January 5th. Mino's stage had him going from a performance to a unique table setting with many table mics around him, seemingly trying to make a statement through his performance. He performed the song 'Agree' on this day and made it huge with a particular 'amendment' he did. 

In the lyrics where it goes "It's all the same stuff Dispatch does. You did it?" Mino censored the 'Dispatch' word and instead changed it through his sick-of-all expression. 

Image Source: Youtube 'YANG Nobi' Screenshot 

Inner Circles are glad that Mino was able to stand up for himself after being hurt by an article written by the said media back in July 2018, about him following a 19+ account on Instagram. Following that incident, Mino unfollowed all his followings including his members which disheartened fans after they realized about it. 

Source: [Youtube] YANG Nobi

Thumbnail Credit: Youtube 'YANG Nobi' Screenshot, Master Mustard 

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