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WINNER`s Seungyoon Revealed That He Literally Screamed at EXO`s Kai`s Solo Stage at a Recent Event and Got Inspired By It


| 30 Dec, 2018

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Kai's solo stage left a great impression on the WINNER members. 

WINNER who is currently promoting 'MILLIONS' went on Highlight's Yoseob's 'Dreaming Radio' on December 27th with the absence of their fellow member, Mino who they didn't miss out mentioning him throughout the whole show. The boys were given 5 questions to answer and among them were two that asked, 'The concept that WINNER wants to try out' as well as 'The word that WINNER wants to hear the most.' 

To both questions, Seungyoon replied, "Sexy." Therefore, with the constant mention of the word 'Sexy,' Yoseob asked the reason behind their huge urge to go around this word when Seungyoon revealed that main reason behind it and where did the inspiration came from. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Dyah Ratna Palupi' Screenshot

Seungyoon shared, "I am not sure if I can say this but EXO sunbaenims... EXO's Kai sunbaenim...! (Jinwoo: It was so cool) Wow! Over there I was just... (Jinwoo: He screamed, really.) Really, my real reaction was that I screamed so much! It was crazy! This is it! This is the end! That's why(looking at that) I was thinking that I want to try that out someday too." 

Image Source: Twitter 'themiddleofsum' Screenshot

Watch the performance starting from the 0:31 mark in the second video above! 

Source: [Youtube] SBS Entertainment, Dyah Ratna Palupi

Thumbnail Credit: SUNNish94114, Love Sick for Flower 

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