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Wanna One Members Shared Their Honest Thoughts on Having Many Male Fans


/  8 Jun, 2018

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Wanna One talked about the huge number of fanboys they have.

Mostly, fanboys stan only for girl groups. However, Wanna One doesn't have only fangirls but also fanboys. While it might sound a little bit strange for a man to like a boy group, Wanna One members revealed how they are so grateful to have many fanboys. 

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On the June 5th episode of radio program 'Choi Hwajung's Power Time,' one fanboy asked them whether they are aware that they have a lot of fanboys. The radio DJ also told them that there were a lot of fanboys who had been waiting for them outside the building. 

To this, Bae Jinyoung said, "Yes, when we perform, we heard a shout (from fanboys) and it sounds like the one in the army. It gives me strength and huge energy. I like hyungs." Ong Seongwu then added, "It makes me happy. It is meaningful that we are loved by all ages and all genders."

Source: [Youtube] Stone Music Entertainment 

Thumbnail Credit: tenOng95, Twitter '@WannaOne_twt'

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