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Wanna One`s Hwang Minhyun Said His Chocolate Abs is Slowly Disappearing


/ 8 Jun, 2018

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Hwang Minhyung revealed that his chocolate abs is slowly gone. 

As you might have heard, Hwang Minhyun has recently become a hot topic after his muscular abs revealed to fans. Fans were also amazed by his amazing solo performance at Wanna One's concert, 'ONE: THE WORLD.' However, he has now said that he might be not able to show it again in front of fans. 

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On the June 6th airing of SBS' 'Power FM Cultwo Show,' Hwang Minhyun talked about his abs. He said, "The concert ended on Sunday and we gathered for a dinner that day. Today is Wednesday and I have been eating so much since then." He continued, "My abs is starting to disappear. I think I cannot show it again."

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Meanwhile, you can check out Hwang Minhyun's solo performance at the concert again in the fancam above.

Source: [Youtube] Stella

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@btfway_mh,@EarlyAutumn89'

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