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Wanna One`s Hwang Minhyun and Park Woojin Open up about the Hard Times They Had in the Past


| 28 Feb, 2018

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Hwang Minhyun and Park Woojin talked about the hard times they had before gaining success as Wanna One members.

On February 28th, the two attended 'MBN Y FORUM 2018' in Seoul, South Korea, together with fellow member Yoon Jisung and Ha Sungwoon. The four idols talked about various things, including the long journey they had to go through before debuting as Wanna One Members.

When asked about the hard times they had in the past, Park Woojin said, "The survival program was difficult. I was being emotional and because it's my first time, it's hard for me. It was also not easy to stay in the competition. I think I have received a lot of pain that it's hard for me to find my own confidence. I was doubting a lot about what I should do during the survival program. One day, I saw one of my fan's comment. Once I saw it, I could not give up. I have a lot of people who support me and wait for me."

Image Source: Instiz

To the same question, Hwang Minhyun explained, "I was scouted on my way to junior high school, became a trainee, and debuted as a singer. I am happy that I got the chance to debut as a singer, but sometimes, tiring and difficult times occur. I thought 'Let's go from the very beginning' and joined 'Produce 101 Season 2.' I am currently happy promoting with Wanna One and I will never forget fans' support for me. I am also grateful that I decided to join the survival program back then."

Source: [Youtube] MBN Y Forum


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