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Wanna One`s Kang Daniel Once Revealed His Limit to Alcohol... It`s More Than You`ve Thought


|  9 Jan, 2018

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Kang Daniel drink alcohol definitely more than you think. 

On an episode of 'Master Key,' Kang Daniel revealed that he likes soju. To his statement, Lee Soogeun then asked him about his alcohol limit. The idol then answered, "I drink quite a lot. My limit is around five to six bottles of soju." Needless to say, his confession quickly surprised everyone in the show.

Image Source: Youtube 'SBS Entertainment' Screenshot

As a reference, one bottle of Korean soju contains 16% to 21% of alcohol -- some brands even contain more. According to Namuwiki (2018), the average soju that one Korean man can drink at once is one to two bottles, 1.4 bottles, exactly. Comparing to the average, Kang Daniel surely can drink alcohol pretty much well. 

Image Source: 매일신문 모바일

Watch the video above to know more!

Source: [Youtube] SBS Entertainment

Thumbnail Credit: O_DANIEL DAY1210

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