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Wanna One`s Kang Daniel Saw Himself on the Big Screen... Here`s How He Reacted


/  8 Nov, 2018

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Nope. You cannot ask for any cuter reaction than this. 

During the '2018 Genie Music Awards' which took place on November 6th, fans have found Wanna One Kang Daniel's adorable reaction when he saw himself on the big screen. It was all happened when duo group Davichi came up for a nomination. Kang Daniel himself is featured in the group's music video for their song 'Days Without You.'

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Kang Daniel was talking with the other Wanna One members and did not realize that he appeared on the screen. However, shortly after, fans suddenly screamed and he noticed that the music video in which he is featured in was played on the big screen. As soon as Kang Daniel saw it, he burst into laughter and covered his face as he was embarrassed seeing his own face on the screen. 

Image Source: Youtube 'Mera' Screenshot

Watch the video above to find out more!

Source: [Youtube] Mera

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@wannaDanielK,' Youtube 'Mera' Screenshot

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