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Wanna One`s Lai Kuanlin Explained How Close He is with Park Jihoon`s Mom... They Call Every Week


| 13 Jul, 2018

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Lai Kuanlin is not only close to Park Jihoon, but also with his mom! 

On July 10th, Lai Kuanlin and Park Jihoon went together for a live broadcast on 'V LIVE.' The two talked about various things, including their close relationship with the other members, the differences between Korean and Chinese, and more. Kuanlin also revealed how he is close with Park Jihoon's mom. 

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Image Source: V LIVE 'Wanna One' Screenshot

As revealed in the video, Lai Kuanlin is indeed close to Jihoon's mom and he revealed that they call at least once every week. Lai Kuanlin said that it's comfortable to talk to her and he said that he saved her number on his phone as 'Jihoon's Mama.'

You can watch the full video above to check out more!

Source: [V LIVE] Wanna One 


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