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Wanna One`s Park Jihoon Talked about Not Showing His Aegyo in Public Anymore


/ 14 May, 2018

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Park Jihoon said himself that he wanted to stop showing aegyo in public.

During the May 13th episode of 'Idol Room,' Wanna One's Park Jihoon said that he has decided to "graduate" from his wink and popular 'save you to my heart' aegyo. He said, "I have said in the behind cut that I will graduate from the aegyo." However, he said that he has not discussed anything with the company.

Park Jihoon explained, "I think I have shown enough aegyo up until now. I want to show my cool side (to fans)." MC Hyungdon then said that Park Jihoon indeed need another signature tagline to replace it. To this, he said that he has not prepared much for that and ended showed some short tagline in the studio.

Image Source: V LIVE '아이돌룸(IDOL ROOM)' Screenshot

Later in the episode, Park Jihoon showed his last wink and 'save you to my heart.' Feeling a bit anxious, Park Jihoon then clarified, "Well actually, if people want it much, I can show it." The MCs then jokingly said, "No you can't because you have promised before."

Watch the video above to know more!

Source: [V LIVE] 아이돌룸(IDOL ROOM)

Thumbnail Credit: Thewebdaily, RIGHT BEFORE

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