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We Didn`t Know We Need Red Velvet`s Irene Dancing to [Havana] Till We Saw This


| 10 Jul, 2018

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Irene grooved to 'Havana' and it will go down into history. 

Irene was in Taipei for SBS's 'Super Concert' in the country that was held on July 7th with her group. Along with SEVENTEEN's Mingyu, Irene took on the MC role for the event too.

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On this day, the two MCs were in white and Irene was seen in a beautiful back revealing dress with a red flower by her ear. The two were giving doing their emcee-ing when they wanted to hype up the venue. With that,  Irene grooved to 'Havana' and effortlessly heated up the whole atmosphere. 

Image Source: Twitter 'roomluv' 

Watch the moment in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] fiona irene0329

Thumbnail Credit: Golden Slumber, roomluv

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