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We Hardly See IU with Her Guitar Nowadays But These Covers She Did Stays Amazing


| 22 May, 2018

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Iconic guitar covers from IU that are never not pleasing to the ears. 

IU debuted back in 2008 and has now reached her 10th year since she first made her place in the scene. Although, we are loving the mature and beautiful young lady with her dances and ballads she presents her songs with, IU's start off with her guitar was definitely one of her unforgettable charm too. 

Image Source: Youtube ' FAVE ENT Official Channel' Screenshot

Official covers IU did with seniors songs such as Girls' Generation's 'Gee,' BIGBANG's 'Lie,' as well as Super Junior's 'Sorry Sorry' were updated on FAVE's official Youtube channel back in 2011, with sometimes, a guest appearance by former MBLAQ's Thunder.

Also, covers she specially did on various broadcast definitely were classics too.IU's younger days with her bangs sure deserves a look back.

Watch the covers in the videos above!

Source: [Youtube] FAVE ENT Official Channel, - -a, elaine tan

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