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Weekly Winners of [The Show] will Now Be Featured on New York Times Square


/ 11 Jun, 2018

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Weekly winner of 'The Show' will now have the chance to get an exposure at New York Times Square. 

It has been announced that weekly winner from the show will be featured on the billboard at New York Times Square. The banner will last 24 hours and will be changed every week, letting people know more about the winning group. Not only a photo of the group but a clip of the winning group will be shown on the LED screen. 

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Image Source: Facebook '아이돌 이슈'

The first 'The Show's celebration banner at New York Times Square was for Cube Entertainment's new group, (G)-IDLE. Their winning clip was being shown from June 1st at 8 A.M to June 2nd at 8 A.M, along with the group members' photos. 

International fans have now been also able to vote for their favorite on the show. So, don't forget to support your favorites on 'The Show'!

Source: [Youtube] 1theK (원더케이)

Thumbnail Credit: Twitter '@G_I_DLE_Minnnie,' Facebook '아이돌 이슈' 

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