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What MAMAMOO Says For Fun Always Turn Out To Be a Great Song and Here's Why


| 14 Aug, 2017

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You know how MAMAMOO always likes to goof around and have a fun time. They are just a group of four very enthusiastic and joyful people.

But a very interesting part is about this is that, what the members say or do for fun tend to be a great material to make a song out of. This happened for 'Taller Than You,' too, and so did for a song MAMAMOO sang at a recent concert in Busan. This time, the initial material for this new song was what Solar said back when she was filming the MV for 'Taller Than You.' She was telling the camera person that she has a scene left and the rest of the members are waiting for her to finish. She then told Wheein, "Why don't you guys just get in the car and sleep?". And this phrase (more of the way she said it in Korean) was so funny that a composer wanted to make a song out of it, which MAMAMOO sang and performed in their Busan concert.

Watch the video above for more understanding! 

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Source: [Youtube] MAT 

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