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What Makes [WINNERGRANCE] That Got Sold out Less Than an Hour After Its Release so Special?


| 13 Jun, 2018

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You are having WINNER 'around' you always.

WINNER released their series of fragrance through their collaboration with Styleshare. Online sales took place on June 12th local time 5pm and got sold out within an hour, after constant serve crashes.

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The fragrance comes in 4 different design and scent that represents the 4 members and fans are able to purchase a set of 4 too. The name given to the fragrance are 'EVERYD4Y by YOON,' 'ISLAND by HOONY,' 'AIR by JINU' and lastly, 'REALLY REALLY by MINO.'

Image Source: styleshare

Other than the lyrics inspiration that had for this series of fragrance, these scents were personally created by the members themselves too, and it only made fans want them so much more.

Fans who weren't able to get them online still stand a chance to get them at WINNER's upcoming fan meeting that will be held at the Olympic Hall on June 17th. Watch them creating their personal
scent in the video above!

Source: [Youtube] Styleshare TV

Thumbnail Credit: missing_u_so

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