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Which Korean Celebrities would Fit Best in Each Disney's [Zootopia] Characters?


/ 17 Mar, 2018

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Korean community site put up a list of Zootopia characters with its matching Korean celebrities that would fit its role well.

Disney animated film, 'Zootopia' has been loved worldwide and of course, in Korea as well. With Disney remaking its animated film into those with real human characters, it would a pleasant surprise if one day 'Zootopia' has its too. With this mind and if a Korean production is to take place, which Korean celebrity would fit best in each Zootopia character? 

Check out the list right below! 

1. Actor Ju Jihoon - Nick Wilde

Image Source: Elle Korea, 'Zootopia' 

2. Actress Han Jimin - Judy Hopps

Image Source: 효자동 사진관, 'Zootopia' 

3. Actor Back Ilseop - Judy's father

Image Source: 귀뚜라미 보일러, 'Zootopia' 

4. Actress Bae Jeongok - Judy's mother

Image Source: Happy Together, 'Zootopia' 

5. Actor Jo Jineung - Mayor Lionheart

Image Source: ELLE, 'Zootopia' 

6. Musical actress Hong Seoyeong - Gazelle 

Image Source: Instagram 'eufonia_hsy', 'Zootopia' 

7. Actor Ma Dongseok - Chief Bogo 

Image Source: 범죄와의 도시, 'Zootopia' 

8. Actor Go Changseok - Benjamin Clawhauser 

Image Source: Reply 1998, 'Zootopia' 

9. Actor Kim Wonhae - Mister Big

Image Source: Strong Woman Do Bongsoon, 'Zootopia' 

How do you find this line up? 

Source: [Youtube] Walt Disney Animation Studios

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